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The model 625x inductive loop detector from peek traffic is designed for the parking and access control markets. Peek corporationoperating manualsarasota model 222224 gp7detectorstwo and four channel loop detector sensor unitsserial numbers through. Our production and engineering facilities are geared for the detector business. Choose between 1030 volts, 117 volts, or 230 volts.

Delay switch 2 is for providing a 2 second delay, detector will ignore the vehicle until the vehicle has been present over the loop for 2 seconds. Please request a quote to obtain preferred pricing. The detection monitor reports two types of loop faults. Loop detector does not detect loop crosstalking with other loops measure the loop frequencies of all neighbored loops and spread accordingly loop is damaged, i. It is a common practice in vehicle detection to make an inductive sensor loop a frequency determining element of a tuned circuit in a colpitts oscillator. The model 625x inductive loop detector the model 625x inductive loop detector from peek traffic is designed for the parking and access control applications. This pattern improves the sensitivity in the middle of the loop. Detector electronics connected to the electronics by means of a feeder cable.

May 26, 1987 this invention relates to a vehicle detector, and more particularly to an inductive loop type of vehicle detector in which the loop is made the frequency determining element of an oscillator. Sarasota limited, our subsidiary in great britain, is the prin. The sensor technology chapter discusses the operation and uses of inductive loop detectors, magnetic sensors and detectors, video image. Vehicle detection systems loop detectors, treadles motion. Loop detectors loops doorking access control solutions. To improve detection, south carolina uses a figure 8 style loop detector known as a quadrupole loop shown left. The np3s wide inductance range allows for use with small loops sometimes found in the parkingaccess. An exit loop in this gate system is optional and can be the reverse loops on the inside of the property which will require a separate detector or another loop can positioned a minimum of four feet away from reverse loop on the inside of the property. We dont know when or if this item will be back in stock.

Measure circuits of both channels for the twochannel detector are multiplexed to prevent. The peek 625x plus detector is equipped with two separate programmable relay outputs. The sarasota model 625x and 601602 series detectors are trademarks or registered trademarks. If possible start twisting the loop wires from the edge. When connecting more than one loop to a detector, always connect the loops in series. Inductive loop vehicle detectors detector electronics parkingtraffic controller loop a simple loop detection system is made up of three elements. Sarasotas loop analyzer which allows direct measurement of operating frequency, system inductance and percentage change of in ductance, is quite useful in evaluating vehicle loops. Sarasota 625x loop detector 1224vacdc protec controls. To check loop continuity connect two meter leads to two loop leads. Loop detectors accessories linear pro access linear. Galvanic isolation between loop and detector electronics.

Trouble shooting loops transportation research board. For multiple loop applications, set each detector to a differ. Sarasota series detectors, inductive loop detector. The sarasota 222224 gp7 detectors 4 sarasota model 222224 gp7 detectors general description the peek sarasota model 222224 gp7 series complies with all standards prescribed in ts11989, section 15, inductive loop detectors and ts21998, section 6. Linear 1600542 vehicle loop detector sealant black. The 625x detector is a singlechannel inductive loop vehicle detector that provides vehicle presence information required by gate operators, ticket spitters, card. This loop detector can handle all parking, drivethru and access control applications.

Lightning protection total circuit optimized for lightning protection including. The electronics unit transmits energy into the wire loops at frequencies between 10 khz to 200 khz, depending on the model. The two ends of the loop wire are connected to the loop extension cable, which in turn connects to the vehicle detector. The detector powers the loop causing a magnetic field in the loop area. Can be used as a safety loop or as a free exit loop detector. View online or download peek traffic 625x installation manual. Model 625x inductive loop detector installation guide peek traffic. Inductive loop presence detector with cross talk filter. Three channel pluginterminal block vehicle detector northstar. Sarasota model 222224 gp7 detector operating manual.

Sarasota s loop analyzer which allows direct measurement of operating frequency, system inductance and percentage change of in ductance, is quite useful in evaluating vehicle loops. This middle area is where the problem occurs for smaller vehicles at. The peek sarasota model 222224 gp7 series has been designed for use in traffic control systems and other associated applications. Automatic calibration when switching on or changing the holding time setting. Home loop vehicle detectors peek traffic sarasota loop detectors model 625x120vpp. The model 625x detector is a single inductiveloop vehicle detector that provides vehicle presence. The model 625x detector is a single inductive loop vehicle detector that provides vehicle presence detection required by automatic gate operations, ticket dispensers, card readers, etc. For instore pickup, please call from parking lot and order will be brought out.

They can be stored, commented and sent to customers or colleagues. The field loop is the inductive component of an lc. Sarasota automation limited winchester, gb2 primary class. Sarasota 515b single channel vehicle detector simple type. Linear 25002346 plugin loop detector for apex control board. Inductive loop, this simply consists of a coil of cable buried under the surface of the road. The preformed or sawcut loop is buried in the traffic lane. Single channel dual output plugin vehicle detector.

Peek traffic sarasota loop detectors ibis electroproducts. The 625x detector does not sacrifice features for the evolutionary reduction of size. An inductive loop presence detector, more especially a vehicle detector, including a loop oscillator having an inductive loop connected as a frequency determining element of the oscillator, which inductive loop may be buried in a roadway to sense the presence of vehicles, and sensing circuitry to detect changes in the loop oscillator frequency due to vehicle movements. Essentially, loops should be placed a minimum of 4 from the gate. Here youll find loops, loop detectors, wiring harness, loop sealant and more. Peek 625x plus vehicle detector orange traffic inc. An example of an open loop fault is a break in the loop wire at any point. Best 8 metal detecting equipment rental in sarasota, fl. The above example shows loop placement guidelines on a 16 double swing gate. Figure 21 displays a notional diagram of an inductive loop detector system and the vehicle and steel reinforcement elements in the roadway with which it reacts. Vehicular loop detector systems loop detectors and loops are strongly recommended on all automated vehicular gate applications to help prevent gates from closing on vehicles in the path of the gate.

The sarasota 515bms is a single channel inductive loop detector using the latest microcomputer technology to provide sensitivities and response times substantially independent of loop size. View and download peek traffic 625x installation manual online. Inductive loop vehicle detector sarasota automation limited. Note that the flash rate determines the type of loop fault. If a fault is detected, the loop modules will provide visual indication of. Vek mne1 vek mne2 induction loop detector for vehicle. The larger the loop, the greater the spacing must be between the loop and the gate. Peek traffic 535tms sarasota single channel loop detector 120vac b410802 currently unavailable. Single channel dual relay vehicle detector northstar controls.

The size of the loop also determines the loop placement. The product with part number 515t loop detector single channel shelf mount wtiming is from company sarasota and distributed with basic unit price 121,46 eur. Reliable operation and long field life are key engineering goals in every northstar product. The peek sarasota model 222224 gp7 series complies with all standards prescribed in ts11989, section 15, inductive loop detectors and ts21998, section 6. Pulse on entry pulse on exit second presence output loop fault output multiple voltages are available automatic sensitivity boost current and historical.

Information about the loop status detuning values of the loops, maximum value of the last loop occupancy etc. It can be used as an open only control or as a reverse and hold open control for an operator with b2, c2, or timer to close wiring. Easy to install plugin detectors dks gate operators only, and hardwired detectors available. The loop is a continuous run of wire that enters and exits from the same point. Detector loops preformed inductive loop detectors saw. Sarasota engineering pioneered the loop vehicle detector with the first. Treadles motion detector loop008 sarasota 625x 24vac inductive loop detector. Plugs into control panel backplate and has sensitivity adjustment. Inductive loop detector 5401 n sam houston pkwy w houston, tx 77086 2814530200. The model 625x detector is a single inductive loop vehicle detector that provides vehicle presence. Each fault type is indicated by a specific flashing sequence of the power indicator or, if so programmed, relay 2 emits an output signal. Peek traffic 625x installation manual pdf download.

This manual describes installation, configuration and operation of the 625x. We produce our own printed circuit boards at our circuit etch division plant. After more than 40 years in the traffic control industry, peeks model 625x detector is the latest in the companys long line. Some loop detector modules continually check the integrity of the loops and will report and store certain types of loop faults such as. Loop diagnostics are easily viewed with the front panel powerfault indicator. The rdet1cm dp4 single channel detector 1 and the rdet2cm dp234 twochannel detector 2 are inductive loop vehicle detectors. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee any delivery time. If resistance is higher, the loop is faulted this usually indicates that loop is severed. Model 625x inductive loop detector installation guide.

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