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The authorised version with introduction and notes, xxixxv. As then the matter of which john is treating is the gospel, or the things transacted under the gospel, nothing else ought to be understood here. John the apostle never identifies himself as john in his gospel, preferring to refer to himself simply as the disciple whom jesus loved john. Chapter 1 introduction it is our purpose to give d.

We know that the 4th gospel contains john s memories and ideas about jesus. Kim is currently writing a commentary on johns gospel in the asian commentary series, to be published. However, the john rylands fragment, discovered in the 1920s, has been documented to be a small portion of a copy of the gospel of john dated between ad 125 and 150. Pdf by relating male and female characters in john, new dimensions are. Before we start consulting commentaries or reading up on research. From the context of these and other references in this gospel, however, it is clear that john is the writer. Johns gospel free bible commentary in easy english.

The gospel of john verse by verse bible study the word was god john 1. Sadly only fragments of his works survive, including fragments of his commentary on the gospel of st. Matthew, mark and luke recorded many miracles in their gospels. Johns picture of jesusboth of what he said and diddiffers profoundly from that in matthew. Johns gospel has already been introduced by various feminist. Matthew henry 18 october 1662 22 june 1714 was an english commentator on the bible, who published his works in 1706, sixvolume exposition of the old and new testaments 17081710 or complete commentary, provides an exhaustive verse by verse study of the bible, covering the. The book explores the full meaning of the spirit in st johns gospel.

Follow along as john delivers his eyewitness account, and declares that jesus is, the son of god. Pink this work is licensed under a creative commons attributionnoncommercialno derivative works 3. Commentaries on the gospel according to john are numerous, and some of them are written with great learning and ability. He had been with god since the beginning, and all things had been created through him. The apostle john was prominent in the early church but is not mentioned by name in this gospel. Commentary on the book of gospel of john by matthew henry. Rarely has a separate and extended interpretation been given to any of. One of the most outstanding features of johns gospel is the rendering of jesus i ams. About 93 percent of the material in johns gospel does not appear in the. Since this is a copy, the gospel itself must have been written before this time. Johns gospel free bible study notes, commentary, and comments. Pdf the mother of jesus as analytical category in johns gospel.

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